Family Owned - Four Generations

WGS Guns is a local family owned business,  with three generations of family controlled management, with the 4th generation coming on board soon. We support the 2nd Amendment.

Our Founder is a WW2 Veteran who, after fighting the enemy, spent 44 months in a Japanese prison camp - his backpay was used to start our original store in 1958! He met his wife after retiring from the service, at an army base in Texas.

Our current owner is also a Veteran of the Vietnam War, serving in the Airforce trap shooting team.

We strive to provide  quality products, at a fair price.

For Washington State residents or visitors, we offer an indoor shooting range, with the latest range equipment, from Action Target.
Our showroom is conveniently located off the I5 freeway, near the Bridgeport way exit in Lakewood.

Our Mission

WGS Wholesale's  mission  is to provide a quality product, large name brand selection,  at a fair price.  We try to make the purchasing experience as seamless as possible.

WGS supports the 2nd amendment,  and all products made in the free world.