Professional Ball Player Academy

Professional Ball Player Academy

When it comes to professional baseball academies, nobody does it better. For several years, the owner and coaches, through their vast experience as players, teachers, scouts, have studied and been involved in almost every aspect of the game. Every program created at Vaughn Sports Academy has been modified and refined to accomplish its intended purpose. Our goal is for our students to experience a total transformation that will help take them to the next level. Here is an overview of how we train our students to be professional baseball players just like we used to be professional baseball players.


Students can start training with Vaughn Sports Academy at a very early age. Our programs start at an early year, starting from 7 years. We have Baseball training lessons running through the year. We play all of our baseball games in a structured kind of setting, no matter the age. At Vaughn Sports Academy, we ask that all of our new students participate in certain drilling. Not only does this provide the students with a view of what they will be working on, but it also gives the parent the opportunity to see if our professional ball player academy is the right fit for you and your athlete before committing.

Baseball Curriculum

Each student’s baseball training program is personalized to each player. We provide expert instruction in specialized skill positions. Our Baseball camp helps you develop baseball IQ through our training program. Our regimen is a collection of the best baseball practices around the country. Our program focuses on the development of basic mechanical skills that lead to convincing results in any competitive baseball situation. In a small group or 1-on-1 setting, our experienced coaches work with each student, creating a tailored plan for drill and fundamental work.

Expert Skill Training

At Vaughn Sports Academy, we train all skill levels and ages. We can take your kid from the T-ball all the way through high school, college, and Major League Draft, if that is the ambition of your kid. Whether your kid enjoy playing ball for recreational purpose or he wants to compete at the highest levels of baseball, our experienced baseball coaches can keep it real, keep it exciting and fun, teaching your kid’s lifelong skills in teamwork and leadership.


We assure you that Vaughn Sports Academy follows every health guideline. Your kid’s safety is important to us. While we separate the children at our professional ball player academy by age, not all students of the same age have equal ability. Because it facilitates the best learning environment and for safety reasons, we group our students by ability and age. Plus, we also offer baseball training online. So, if, for any safety reason, you don’t want to come to our facility, you or your kid can receive online baseball coaching at the comfort of your house.

Learn More About Vaughn Sports Academy

If you have more questions about our services and how we can help you achieve your dream, contact Vaughn Sports Academy to speak to our customer service representative.

Professional Ball Player Academy

Vaughn Sports Academy


Professional Ball Player Academy

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